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Hi everyone!

Welcome to DrGbaksTheVet blog. I’m Gloria Bakare-Adesina (fondly called DrGbaks), and as my name suggests I am a small animal veterinarian; a lover of dogs and cats; nappy-haired; married to Olasupo and a believer in Jesus Christ.

I have had my nickname since secondary school. It is basically a mash up of my first and maiden names. When I became a veterinary surgeon, the ‘Dr’ was added.

I graduated from the Prestigious University of Ibadan in 2012, served in Bayelsa State and stayed back to run my own private companion animal clinic called Dogsville Pet Haven. This stint in ‘Vetpreneurship’,  sharpened my business-skills and also revealed to me that I needed some further tutoring.

So, a year afterwards, I headed to Port Harcourt City, which is a more sophisticated and modern city than Yenagoa, Bayelsa where I had been running my small animal practice. I was privileged to work in one of the biggest and best vet clinics in Port Harcourt and was tutored by one of the most experienced veterinarians in the state. Most of my Dog Chronicles are hence set in Yenagoa or Port Harcourt.

I recently got married and relocated to the United Kingdom.

One interesting fact about me: I have never owned a pet! Unbelievable right?

You can connect with me on social media. I am active on:

LinkedIn: Gloria Bakare-Adesina

Instagram: @drgbaks and @drgbaksthevet

Facebook: Gloria Bakare-Adesina and DrGbaksTheVet Page



I started this blog out of a desire to share with you my passion for furry creatures and to promote the Nigerian Veterinary Profession. I hope to enlighten you on what life as a Nigerian veterinarian is like and in so doing, change the narrative. I hope you love it here and enjoy my stories.

Feel free to tell me what you think.




4 thoughts on “Who Is DrGbaks?

  1. I am Wale,a veterinary medicine student of Abu Zaria,300level,I will like to be a very active member of this forum,pls how do I register.


    1. Hello Wale, thanks for your interest. It always warms my heart to hear from my readers. You can subscribe to this blog to get each new post by clicking on the “follow” button at the very end of this page (when you scroll down). Also, your comments and questions are welcome.

      Feel free to contact me if any further help is needed.
      Thanks again.

      P.S: This is not a forum but a blog.


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